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Day 20 – Adding Apps in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Adding Apps in SharePoint couldn't be easier. It allows for End Users / Super Users in SharePoint to become Superhero "Developers" without having to write code. That's why at the GT Academy, we put focus on ensuring that... Continue Reading →

Day 19 – Transpose Excel Data using Paste Special

#Office365Challenge - Ever need to change data in Excel displayed as columns to rows? No retyping necessary. This is very easy to accomplish with Paste Special - Transpose. Day: 19 of 365, 346 left Tools: Microsoft Office; Excel 2013 Description:... Continue Reading →

Day 18 – Format Painter in Office

#Office365Challenge - Formatting text normally takes me longer than writing the actual content. Today's post will show you how to use Format Painter to apply the same formatting to other text / cells. Day: 18 of 365, 347 left Tools:... Continue Reading →

Day 17 – Disabling Quick Edit in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Yesterday I spoke about Quick Edit in Lists and Libraries. Even though this is a pretty cool feature, it could also be quite dangerous. In some cases you might want to disable this function. Here's the how. Day:... Continue Reading →

Day 16 – Quick Edit in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - SharePoint might be pretty amazing, but when you find yourself suddenly having to edit hundreds of lines of meta data - you'll be a little bit annoyed doing it line by line. In this post I'll introduce you... Continue Reading →

Day 15 – Exclude Items from Search Results In SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Sometimes it's necessary to exclude a library or list from search results. Why? Here's an example: You have a list with references and responsibilities for policies and procedures. This list is being used as a lookup for libraries... Continue Reading →

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