#Microsoft365Challenge – 365 Blogs in 365 Days about Microsoft 365. The challenge is on. Who’s joining me?

Some of you might know me as the Microsoft-loving, biker chick who did the Around the Office in 365 Days Challenge 2016/2017 (365 blogs in 365 days – #Office365Challenge). Against all (of my) odds I successfully finished this challenge on the 28th of February 2017. I did a wrap-up and gave you some reasons as to Why I wrote a blog, every single day, for 365 days

And now it’s time for a new challenge. I knew I would do this again, and the time is right. People said I’m crazy and they’ll say it again. 365 Blogs in 365 days – about Microsoft.

Find the new blog index below, here’s the  Around the Office in 365 Days Index and for older posts you can find the Index here.

Purpose of this blog challenge:
I will write 365 blogs over the next 365 days around Microsoft 365. I won’t just be talking about the new Microsoft 365 subscription model. I will be sharing any news, tips and tricks around Office / Office 365 / Windows / Mobility and Security. And let’s not forget all the great new Apps & services available.  A lot of what I’ll share on Office and SharePoint will also be applicable to none “Office 365” versions.

Here’s a quick tip – want to know if I’ve written about something? On this page – CTRL+A to select all, then CTRL+F to find. Type the word and it will highlight on the page.

Remember to take a look at the Around the Office in 365 days index as well.


#Microsoft365 Day 154: Windows Snipping Tool with Delay Function
#Microsoft365 Day 153: Remove the Background of your images in PowerPoint
#Microsoft365 Day 152: PC Literacy basics everyone should know
#Microsoft365 Day 151: Stop showing the start screen when Office apps open
#Microsoft365 Day 150: How to add a table of contents to a Word Document
#Microsoft365 Day 149: Be part of the solution, not the problem
#Microsoft365 Day 148: Highlight data with Icon Sets in Excel
#Microsoft365 Day 147: How to use Top Bottom Rules in Excel
#Microsoft365 Day 146: Use Summary Zoom in PowerPoint to ROCK your presentations
#Microsoft365 Day 145: Create a Microsoft Team from an existing Office 365 Group
#Microsoft365 Day 144: So who gets a Microsoft Team, when?
#Microsoft365 Day 143: Configure your Access Request Settings on SharePoint
#Microsoft365 Day 142: Setup custom permission levels in SharePoint
#Microsoft365 Day 141: How to use Researcher and Bibliographies in Microsoft Word
#Microsoft365 Day 140: Use Microsoft Flow to auto publish your YouTube Videos to WordPress
#Microsoft365 Day 139: How does Outlook fit into Microsoft Teams?
#Microsoft365 Day 138: Customize your Office Ribbon
#Microsoft365 Day 137: Create a Microsoft Form in 5 Minutes
#Microsoft365 Day 136: The relationship between Channels and Folders in Teams
#Microsoft365 Day 135: Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups – in Layman’s Terms
#Microsoft365 Day 134: PowerPoint Designer ups its game AGAIN!
#Microsoft365 Day 133: Use Stream for Awareness and Training on your Intranet
#Microsoft365 Day 132: Define content owners on your SharePoint Intranet
#Microsoft365 Day 131: Where’s my Promoted Links in SharePoint Online?
#Microsoft365 Day 130: What happens to my documents in Microsoft Teams?
#Microsoft365 Day 129: ROI on Training, transform your business!
#Microsoft365 Day 128: Setup Guest Access for #MicrosoftTeams in under a minute
#Microsoft365 Day 127: Action ideas from OneNote with Outlook, Flow, Planner and Teams
#Microsoft365 Day 126: #Office365 for Home or Small Business
#Microsoft365 Day 125: How Microsoft Flow helps me do my Tax
#Microsoft365 Day 124: Capture and Share Contacts with Office 365
#Microsoft365 Day 123: WTF?! Top 10 Reasons Why Tech Fails
#Microsoft365 Day 122: Capture notes using #OfficeLens, #OneNote and #OneDrive on your Mobile
#Microsoft365 Day 121: Adoption Challenges for Modern vs Classic SharePoint
#Microsoft365 Day 120: SharePoint Online Twitter Web Part is HERE!!!
#Microsoft365 Day 119 – Diversity, Roles & Responsibilities in Tech
#Microsoft365 Day 118: SharePoint Training Checklist & Considerations
#Microsoft365 Day 117 – Capture leads and contacts with Forms, Flow and SharePoint
#Microsoft365 Day 116 – Have you seen the new Command Box in Microsoft Teams?
#Microsoft365 Day 115 – Using the Power BI web part in SharePoint Online
#Microsoft365 Day 114 – Most important asset web part in SharePoint Online
#Microsoft365 Day 113 – I Likert this column a lot in Microsoft Forms
#Microsoft365 Day 112 – Publish your Microsoft Flows to Team Flows
#Microsoft365 Day 111 – Who Are You? in Microsoft Teams
#Microsoft365 Day 110 – Using the personal app space in Microsoft Teams
#Microsoft365 Day 109 – Promote your News on SharePoint Online
#Microsoft365 Day 108 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – News
#Microsoft365 Day 107 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Microsoft Forms
#Microsoft365 Day 106 – The real cost of PC Illiteracy in your company
#Microsoft365 Day 105 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Lists
#Microsoft365 Day 104 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Links
#Microsoft365 Day 103 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Image Gallery
#Microsoft365 Day 102 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Image
#Microsoft365 Day 101 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Highlighted Content
#Microsoft365 Day 100 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Hero
#Microsoft365 Day 99 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Group Calendar
#Microsoft365 Day 98 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – File Viewers
#Microsoft365 Day 97 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Events
#Microsoft365 Day 96 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Embed
#Microsoft365 Day 95 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Document Library
#Microsoft365 Day 94 – Feedback and Requests – JUST DO IT!!
#Microsoft365 Day 93 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Divider
#Microsoft365 Day 92 – SharePoint Online Web Parts – Bing Maps
#Microsoft365 Day 91 – Page layouts in SharePoint Communication Sites
#Microsoft365 Day 90 – A closer look at the ‘super’ hero web part in Communication Sites
#Microsoft365 Day 89 – SharePoint Pages and Web Parts Introduction
#Microsoft365 Day 88 – SharePoint Terminology Explained
#Microsoft365 Day 87 – So what is SharePoint exactly?
#Microsoft365 Day 86 – The Evolution of Finding Stuff
#Microsoft365 Day 85 – Using Item-Level Permissions in SharePoint
#Microsoft365 Day 84: Updating Metadata by dragging into grouped views in SharePoint Online
#Microsoft365 Day 83: PART 3 – SharePoint Communication Sites using Blank Design
#Microsoft365 Day 82: How to use the Attention Views in SharePoint Online
#Microsoft365 Day 81: PART 2 – SharePoint Communication Sites using Showcase Design
#Microsoft365 Day 80: PART 1 – SharePoint Communication Sites using Topic Design
#Microsoft365 Day 79: Transpose Excel Data using Paste Special
#Microsoft365 Day 78: Save time by using Format Painter in Office
#Microsoft365 Day 77: Set transparency on shapes in PowerPoint
#Microsoft365 Day 76: See files others have shared with you
#Microsoft365 Day 75: Ribbon Display Options in Microsoft Office
#Microsoft365 Day 74: Search across all Notebooks in your OneNote
#Microsoft365 Day 73: How we deliver IT Support should change
#Microsoft365 Day 72: Become a world-class Cloud Computing Expert (free)
#Microsoft365 Day 71: Get some ink done with Office 365
#Microsoft365 Day 70: Organize your OneNote with Subpages
#Microsoft365 Day 69: Using Section Groups in OneNote
#Microsoft365 Day 68: Have you used Office Lens yet?
#Microsoft365 Day 67: Break the language barrier with Microsoft Translator
#Microsoft365 Day 66: Get your FOCUS back with Bing Filters
#Microsoft365 Day 65: Easy access to file location and version in Office
#Microsoft365 Day 64: Reopen a tab you’ve accidentally closed in the browser
#Microsoft365 Day 63: Use Windows Button to Magnify
#Microsoft365 Day 62: Promote news from your SharePoint Communication site
#Microsoft365 Day 61: The rise of the citizen developer
#Microsoft365 Day 60: Pin to Quick Access in Windows File Explorer
#Microsoft365 Day 59: Using a GIF in your Hero Web Part
#Microsoft365 Day 58: Use Smart Lookup in Word – Insights and Definitions
#Microsoft365 Day 57: Take the boring out of bullet points with PowerPoint Designer
#Microsoft365 Day 56: Use PowerPoint Designer to UP your creative game
#Microsoft365 Day 55: Insert screenshots in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
#Microsoft365 Day 54: #Office365 Training Center
#Microsoft365 Day 53: New PowerPoint Recording Tab
#Microsoft365 Day 52: Use Important messages and @mentions in your MS Teams
#Microsoft365 Day 51: Align your shapes in PowerPoint
#Microsoft365 Day 50: Microsoft Teams – you’re so hot right now!
Microsoft 365 Day 49: Digital Literacy and the Impact on User Adoption
Microsoft 365 Day 48: Save 30mins a day with these 10 Windows & Office Tips
Microsoft 365 Day 47: Always open Windows Expanded (or not)
Microsoft 365 Day 46: Change Start Screen when Office Applications Start
Microsoft 365 Day 45: Create hyperlinks in Office Documents
Microsoft 365 Day 44: Pin or unpin your Office Ribbon
Microsoft 365 Day 43: How to insert a table of contents in Word
Microsoft 365 Day 42: Use the Super Windows Button
Microsoft 365 Day 41: Use the eyedropper for picking colours in PowerPoint
Microsoft 365 Day 40: Modify the Quick Access Toolbar in Office
Microsoft 365 Day 39: Customize your Office Ribbon
Microsoft 365 Day 38: Insert SVG Icons in Microsoft Office
Microsoft 365 Day 37: Using the Effect Options in PowerPoint Morph Transitions
Microsoft 365 Day 36: Using Morph Transitions in PowerPoint
Microsoft 365 Day 35: Why Teams is the User Adoption Catalyst
Microsoft 365 Day 34: Stay up to date with new and improved Office 365 features
Microsoft 365 Day 33: Supercharge your Search Skills
Microsoft 365 Day 32: Administrator Settings for Microsoft Teams
Microsoft 365 Day 31: Microsoft Teams 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 30: Sway 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 29: Stream 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 28: StaffHub 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 27: Skype for Business 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 26: SharePoint Online 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 25: Project Online 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 24: PowerApps 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 23: Power BI 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 22: Planner 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 21: OneDrive for Business 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 20: Office 365 Groups 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 19: SharePoint Newsfeed 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 18: Microsoft MyAnalytics 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 17: Microsoft Graph API Overview & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 16: MileIQ 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 15: Grow your business online with Microsoft Listings
Microsoft 365 Day 14: Microsoft Invoicing 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 13: Microsoft Forms 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 12: Microsoft Flow 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 11: Dynamics 365 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 10: Office Delve / Office Graph 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 9: Microsoft Connections 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 8: Microsoft Bookings 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 7: Azure 101 & related resources
Microsoft 365 Day 6: Microsoft Apps, Add-ins & Services Glossary
Microsoft 365 Day 5: Microsoft Office – Need to know & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 4: Office 365 Plans and Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 3: Facilitating The Evolution Of Human Capabilities
Microsoft 365 Day 2: Introducing Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Day 1: 10 Rules Zombieland taught me about User Adoption