#Microsoft365Challenge – 365 Blogs in 365 Days about Microsoft 365. The challenge is on. Who’s joining me?

Some of you might know me as the Microsoft-loving, biker chick who did the Around the Office in 365 Days Challenge 2016/2017 (365 blogs in 365 days – #Office365Challenge). Against all (of my) odds I successfully finished this challenge on the 28th of February 2017. I did a wrap-up and gave you some reasons as to Why I wrote a blog, every single day, for 365 days

And now it’s time for a new challenge. I knew I would do this again, and the time is right. People said I’m crazy and they’ll say it again. 365 Blogs in 365 days – about Microsoft.

Find the new blog index below, here’s the  Around the Office in 365 Days Index and for older posts you can find the Index here.

Purpose of this blog challenge:
I will write 365 blogs over the next 365 days around Microsoft 365. I won’t just be talking about the new Microsoft 365 subscription model. I will be sharing any news, tips and tricks around Office / Office 365 / Windows / Mobility and Security. And let’s not forget all the great new Apps & services available.  A lot of what I’ll share on Office and SharePoint will also be applicable to none “Office 365” versions.


Microsoft 365 Day 17: Microsoft Graph API Overview & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 16: MileIQ 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 15: Grow your business online with Microsoft Listings
Microsoft 365 Day 14: Microsoft Invoicing 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 13: Microsoft Forms 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 12: Microsoft Flow 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 11: Dynamics 365 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 10: Office Delve / Office Graph 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 9: Microsoft Connections 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 8: Microsoft Bookings 101 & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 7: Azure 101 & related resources
Microsoft 365 Day 6: Microsoft Apps, Add-ins & Services Glossary
Microsoft 365 Day 5: Microsoft Office – Need to know & Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 4: Office 365 Plans and Resources
Microsoft 365 Day 3: Facilitating The Evolution Of Human Capabilities
Microsoft 365 Day 2: Introducing Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Day 1: 10 Rules Zombieland taught me about User Adoption



This brings me to Braam. Yes, he’s a sheep. I took him with on my recent Frankfurt, Croatia, Monaco trip – we had loads of fun and I was pleasantly surprised by his popularity 🙂

After our return Braam called me aside and shared with me that he would like to learn more about Microsof 365 (Ofice 365). #AskBraam was born.

Feel free to #AskBraam if you have questions or would like me to write about a specific topic. I’ve created a Flow to monitor Twitter for the #AskBraam hashtag and will try my best to incorporate any questions into the blogs, or answer them directly on Twitter. This will help Braam to learn firsthand via the questions posted.

Think about using this idea in your company to create awareness and have some fun at the same time.