#Microsoft365 – Sway is an app used to create and share content. Think PowerPoint – but better in a different super way. = (s)way 🙂

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Last year I had loads of fun learning how to use Sway. I have to admit that at first it was difficult for me. I’m so used to PowerPoint and consider myself as a “power user”. It does however take me forever to do a lot of the editing and get the styles right (thank goodness for design tools now). The magic in Sway lies in the fact that a lot of it is done for you – and that’s what I struggled with. Below are a couple of posts to get you started with Sway:

Sway makes it quick and easy to create and share polished, interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more. Add your content, and we’ll do the rest. Bring your Sway to life with interactive content. Include a video to talk about your idea or add an interactive chart to let others dive into the details. Sway suggests searches to help you find relevant images, videos, tweets and other content that you can drag and drop directly into your creation. Read more…

Good to know:

  • Sway can be used for creating Reports, presentations, newsletters, personal stories and MUCH more.
  • It really is very fast to compile a very professional looking layout / presentation with the built-in design engine.
  • With Sway you’ll focus on the content, and Sway will do the magic for you.
  • Suggested search helps you find relevant content to include in your creation.
  • Sways can be shared externally to your company and the content can be viewed on the web with no additional software required.
  • Sway is free for anyone with a Microsoft Account, alternatively more sophisticated Sways can be created with your Office 365 subscription.


What is Sway?

Microsoft Sway Tutorials:


Purpose of this blog challenge:

I will write 365 blogs in 365 days around Microsoft 365. I did a similar challenge with Office 365, blogs can be found here. I won’t just be talking about the new Microsoft 365 subscription model. I will be sharing any news, tips and tricks around Office / Office 365 / Windows / Mobility and Security. And let’s not forget all the great new Apps & services available.  A lot of what I’ll share on Office and SharePoint will also be applicable to none “Office 365” versions.