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Week 2: Hitchhiker’s Guide – Website Project Roles & Responsibilities

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – In this week's blog I would like to talk about roles and responsibilities in typical website projects. (Haha yes, I said typical - how funny is that?!). Week:  2 of 42, 40 left This week's best line from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Hitchhiker’s Guide – UI / UX / CX Glossary

#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – This is the first week in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 week blog challenge. Here I'll be documenting my journey into understanding and surviving in the mysterious world of UI / UX and CX. This week will... Continue Reading →

Why I wrote a blog, every single day, for 365 days

As some of you might know, my #Office365Challenge finished on the 28th of February 2017. The index to all the posts can be found here. A lot of people have asked me "What next?" and before I can answer that,... Continue Reading →

Day 365 – Communication Tools in Office 365 – Teams

#Office365Challenge - It's the Big 5 Countdown (African Style). It's the big one folks!!! On the last day of my challenge I will give you my overview of Microsoft Teams. And a couple of other opinions which you might, or might... Continue Reading →

Day 364 – Communication Tools in Office 365 – Groups

#Office365Challenge - It's the Big 5 Countdown (African Style). On my second last day I'll be giving an overview of Office 365 Groups. I will not be answering the "Which one should I rather Use" question - you'll have to wait until tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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