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Microsoft 365 Day 11: Dynamics 365 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - Dynamics 365 was made available from 1 November 2016 and replaced Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It brings together the best of the CRM and ERP cloud offerings with specific apps for key business processes. For previous posts in... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 10: Office Delve / Office Graph 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - Search, Discover & Organise with Office Delve - Stay in the know – discover new, relevant information and people based on the intelligence of who you work with and content you work on.   For previous posts in my #Microsoft365Challenge... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 9: Microsoft Connections 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - On the 10th of July Microsoft announced the addition of Connections, Listings and Invoicing to the already impressive stack of small business tools. Today we'll take a look at Connections, a simple to use, contacts / email marketing... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 8: Microsoft Bookings 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - I'm very excited to try out Microsoft Bookings today. It's an online and mobile app for small businesses who provide services to customers on an appointment basis. I urge all my friends with small to medium size businesses to... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 7: Azure 101 & related resources

#Microsoft365 - Seeing as we're going alphabetical - Azure is up first. Which is also the most difficult for me. But that's how we learn right? So let's do this. What is Azure and what is it used for? Just... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 6: Microsoft Apps, Add-ins & Services Glossary

#Microsoft365 - Over the next month I'd like to take a walk through the apps and services available through Microsoft (as well as some noteworthy add-ins). These won't be limited to Office 365 and I'll try my best to give... Continue Reading →

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