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Power Platform: Create a Power Automate workflow from scratch

As part of my #PowerPlatform 1 month challenge, I'll be helping you with the basics of #PowerBI, #PowerAutomate & #PowerApps. In today's video we'll take a look at creating a simple workflow from scratch and adding your own triggers and... Continue Reading →

Power Platform: Save email attachments to OneDrive with Power Automate

If you've never built a workflow before, today might be the first time! And we'll start with the easiest template (in my eyes), that can definitely add the most value in any company, for ALL users. Let's take a look... Continue Reading →

Power Platform: How to use Templates in Power Automate

Before we can start building our first #PowerAutomate workflow we need to take a look at the templates available first. No need to reinvent the wheel right? This is definitely the easiest way to learn as you'll understand how the... Continue Reading →

Power Platform: What are the connectors & triggers in Power Automate?

As part of my #Microsoft #PowerPlatform challenge, we'll take a look at the connectors and triggers in #PowerAutomate today. A workflow cannot be created without these connectors & triggers, it's therefore important to understand the role and which connectors /... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Power Platform: Introduction to Power Automate (Flow)

People are afraid that robots will take their jobs. I cannot wait. I'm SO over doing the same things over and over. #Microsoft #PowerAutomate gives end users the ability to automate tasks for themselves. Yes really, but with all things... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Power Platform: Using Power BI on different platforms / devices

#PowerBI is available on different platforms (services) / devices. Desktop, Web & Mobile. It's important to know the difference and "when to use what" as they each have their purpose and strong points. Let's take a look at the features... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Power Platform: What is Power BI?

As part of my #PowerPlatform challenge we'll be taking a look at #PowerBI today. In this post I'll cover the basics I think you should know:  Activity Flow & Building Blocks. I'll also share many resources to help you build... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with the Microsoft Power Platform

I've decided to take on a bit of March Madness and challenge myself to learning and sharing something new on the #Microsoft Power Platform every day, for a month. I'll be looking at #PowerApps, #PowerAutomate, #PowerBI as well as the... Continue Reading →

There is an “I” in #HumansofIT – It starts with you

Today exactly 4 years ago i did a crazy thing (well I do them more often than that, but this was REALLY crazy). It started with wine, because no good story starts with a green salad. I had this idea... Continue Reading →

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