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Create SharePoint Online News Pages to display photos from Events

In this video I'll show you how to use #Office365 #SharePoint Online News Pages to display the photos after events on your #Intranet or Team SharePoint Site. We'll also take a look at how we can combine all these pages... Continue Reading →

Business Case for using #Microsoft #Office365 #Sway

#Microsoft #Sway¬†in the #Office365 toolbox is a great tool to use, but as with all things tech, we need to first figure out if we need it, and then how to use it. Let's take a look at the different... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 360: Get a Visual Link to your #MicrosoftSway

I've always hyperlinked words rather than just paste URL's in emails. Now with #MicrosoftSway you can get a visual link which is a pretty looking preview with a link to the Sway. Simply copy the link and paste in an... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 352: Protect your #MicrosoftSway with Passwords

Here's a cool idea. Sharing content through Sway that might be sensitive, like board packs (or bored backs as I call them). Now you can share the Sway as a link with people, but they require a password to open... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 351: Did you know Sway had Analytics?

Sway is used to build beautiful brochures, newsletters, portfolio and fun wrap-ups of conferences or vacations. Analytics is quite new and today I've tried it out. Here you'll see how many people viewed the Sway, time spent on it and... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 344: Communication and Training Tips for #Microsoft365 Citizen Developers (part 6)

#Microsoft365 #Office365 As part of a mini series for #CitizenDevelopers I'll be sharing tips and tricks around Business Analysis, Project and Change Management etc. Today we'll take a look at Communication and Training. These form a crucial part of Change... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 30: Sway 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - Sway is an app used to create and share content. Think PowerPoint - but better in a different super way. = (s)way ūüôā For previous posts in my¬†#Microsoft365Challenge go to the index page. Last year I had loads... Continue Reading →

Day 306¬†– 7 New Year’s Resolutions with Office 365

#Office365Challenge¬†This blog is dedicated to everyone out there who wants to do better and do it faster¬†- see what Microsoft has to offer you, to achieve more. Day: 306 of 365, 59 left Tools: Office 365 Description: Skype for business... Continue Reading →

Day 305¬†– Design and Remix in Microsoft Sway

#Office365Challenge In the last of my posts about Sway, we'll look at the Design options and using Remix. Day: 305¬†of 365,¬†60 left Tools: Office 365, Sway Description: Design and Remix in Microsoft Sway Audience: All As mentioned this is the... Continue Reading →

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