#Microsoft #Sway in the #Office365 toolbox is a great tool to use, but as with all things tech, we need to first figure out if we need it, and then how to use it. Let’s take a look at the different business cases for using it, I’m hoping you’ll see the value and introduce it to your End Users.

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Microsoft Sway:

Microsoft positions Sway to create:

  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Communications

Easily add content from anywhere

Easily drop in photos, videos, and other multimedia — Sway is integrated with your device and the web.

Save time with effortless design

Sway’s design engine brings your content together beautifully; put in final touches to get to the style that works for you.

Captivate your audience with your online canvas

Sway dynamically adapts so it looks great on any screen, and can be shared or co-edited with a simple URL. Read more…
I love the news pages in #SharePoint because it displays beautifully on our mobile phones as well, so wouldn’t use it for internal communications. I also wouldn’t replace my presentations with it as I love #PowerPoint too much. However, here’s some other ideas that might inspire you:

Value Add:

  1. Small bushiness who don’t have or can’t afford a website can build a Sway, then share the link through their social media channels and also on email with customers who have queries. In this Sway they can share their services, rates and any other FAQ’s and information.
  2. For companies who already have a website, it could be costly to make changes or add pages, create Sways and add them as “page tabs” with links behind them to the Sway to further expand on services, products or promotions.
  3. Add a tab on your website to customer reviews, and link it to a Sway that shares the stories.
  4. Add a tab on your website to “Your Team” and build a beautiful Sway that introduces each member, what they’re good at, what makes them tick etc. Add a video clip per team member / photo.
  5. Recreate your digital CV (Curriculum Vitae) with a Sway. You can share the link on social media and also add it in your profile with a link. Great place to tell your story and wow potential new employers / customers. Because you can add other media, how about adding a video where you introduce yourself, a map to your office location, images of your work (portfolio if you’re a designer / photographer etc.)
  6. Help your students build a digital portfolio before they leave college / school.
  7. As I won’t really use if for internal communications, I would definitely use this for communication and newsletters to my clients. Maybe that monthly wrap-up and updates on Office 365.
  8. Invitations to events which covers the where, when and what will be covered. Think SharePoint Saturdays, Global Azure Bootcamp as well as the sponsor packs you send to sponsors. These Sways can have embedded code in to a #MicrosoftForm that must be completed etc.
  9. Training Material – I use them as Care Packs that get distributed after training. No longer supplying physical (or digital) step by step training manuals, I rather supply a Sway with videos, links to resources and other information relevant to the training.
  10. Educational assignments will also be presented great in a Sway.
  11. Competitions – how about launching a competition in your company where you ask feedback on how to improve things and employees get to give a review of their last year in the company – best Sway wins.
  12. Competitions to choose winners – build a Sway that shows different options (photos, houses, websites, intranets, designs etc.), add a #MicrosoftForm at the end where people pick their top 3 (for example).
  13. Product, Movie and Book reviews. What a great way to pay “homage”.

I think that’s enough for now, I’m so excited, I just want to go build a Sway. I’m sure I’ll add some more as I think of it. If you have some great ideas, please respond on WordPress or in social media and I’ll add it (and reference you of course).

Enjoy! 🙂



Image credits:  I found this banner image on Gratisography: Moustache & Eyebrows Free Photo —By Ryan McGuire

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New Initiative:

Every couple of months I’m going to travel to a new country, rent a motorcycle, and travel to as many communities as possible, for 15.2 days. Purpose would be to create awareness around Digital Literacy and give users an overview of Office 365 Apps and Services and how it can transform their lives. I’ll do video and written blogs to capture and share my journey and experiences.

Feedback would be crucial, and I’ll be using Microsoft Forms & Flow to gather valuable feedback for myself and Microsoft. I will be inviting other community members to join me on my journey when I’m in their respective areas.

Of course it wouldn’t be possible without sponsorship to help support this cause. Reach out if you’re interested on getting involved in any way, here’s a link to a Microsoft Form that can be completed:  https://bit.ly/2LaQBRQ