Have a look at the Internet Live Stats Website and you’ll understand why Search is the new Super Power. I invest a lot of time teaching people to search better as I believe that most of the frustration of “Not Finding Stuff” comes from “How We Search”. This is a necessary Digital Literacy Skill and we should invest in our users to ensure that they can help themselves, faster. Apart from Search Skill we also rely on the technology we use to deliver the results we need. In the #Office365 Roadmap for #SharePoint you’ll notice “Improved Search Experience” under Rolling Out. For many of my clients this is the “must have” they’ve been waiting for.

You can find details on this update on the Office 365 Roadmap, under SharePoint > Rolling Out.

Roadmap and Article:

The “Find what you want, discover what you need with personalized intelligent search across Microsoft 365” article shares a lot of insights around the functionality that will be launched soon. Let’s summarize what we can expect:

Personalized Search

“Microsoft Graph gleans insight from the people, sites and documents you work with, and ranks search results relevant to your needs. You’ll still be able to see all the results that satisfy your query, but personalized search will prioritize the results that are most likely to achieve your objective.”

Search Scope

“The search experience has been redesigned and streamlined to make it easier for you to find and filter results, and results will now include list items everywhere, not just the results in the enterprise search center, so all content in a SharePoint site is now included.”

Performance Improvements

“You’ll also find that search is, itself, faster than ever in SharePoint. Recent performance improvements and a smoother, faster interface, frees up your time by re-using what has been created before.”

Search from your PC Taskbar

“Whether it’s apps, documents, email messages, company resources, or people – across local devices and Office 365 – that same personalized search experience is now in Windows. Gives your employees a place to search for and quickly surface what they’re seeking, right from the taskbar. Find documents locally and in Office 365, even you can even query content inside the document.”

Bing for Business

“Bing for business is a new intelligent search experience for Microsoft 365, which uses AI and the Microsoft Graph to deliver more relevant search results based on your organizational context. This new experience from Bing for your enterprise, school, or organization helps users save time by intelligently and securely retrieving information from enterprise resources such as company data, people, documents, sites and locations as well as public web results, displaying them in a single experience.”

Simple Search Results and Actionable Insights

“Bing for business uses Machine Reading Comprehension and Deep Learning to understand the intent of the question across all documents in your enterprise. And since it knows who you are based on your authentication session, it can synthesize the best answer for your specific query across all the documents you can access – from the public internet to your private intranet.”


“When you log into to Office.com, you’ll see a beautiful new experience, optimized to help you discover relevant documents in your intranet, surface most recently used content, sites and folders and learn about the other capabilities of Office to help you unlock your creativity.”

Extract Text from Images

“We’re pleased to announce our ability to extract text out of images, whether they were originally printed on paper or digital. We’re using intelligent services behind the scenes, so your search experience doesn’t change in OneDrive or SharePoint. Connect to people, events, projects and meetings using both detected objects and image metadata, such as date and location.”

Support for Multi-Geo Search

“We are announcing support for Multi-Geo Search whether your data is stored in many data regions around the world or just a couple. The index of the data will be stored locally in region with the data, and the search results will span and unify those indices based on your search and location..”

Go to the original article for some of image examples of what you can expect.

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