#Microsoft365 – MyAnalytics is all about HOW you spend your time and WHO you spend it with. At Ignite Conference (2016), Microsoft announced that they had renamed Delve Analytics to MyAnalytics. “MyAnalytics helps you focus on what matters most by providing personalised insights about how you spend your time at work”

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Let’s start with the sad news….


Not everyone has MyAnalytics 🙁

MyAnalytics is available in the following plans:

  • Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan
  • Office 365 Education E5 plan
  • Office 365 Nonprofit E5 plan

You can also purchase a MyAnalytics add-on if you have one of the following plans:

  • Office 365 Enterprise E1 or E3 plan
  • Office 365 Education or E3

* A user must have a SharePoint license assigned to them in order to access the full MyAnalytics functionality.

Back when I wrote this Day 233 – Microsoft MyAnalytics Outlook add-in blog, I still had access to an E5 plan – having a bit of FOMO – looking at new subscriptions as we speak. MyAnalytics is not available on my Office 365 Business Premium – hoping that this will be available as an add-on service soon.

Microsoft MyAnalytics gives you insights about how you spend your time at work and who you spend it with. To improve your time management skills, use your MyAnalytics dashboard to set goals for time spent in meetings and on email. With the detailed information in your dashboard, you can target ways to gain time so that you can focus on what matters most. The data MyAnalytics provides can also help you stay connected to important people in your network.  Read more…

Here’s a great video to give you an overview, and if you don’t have MyAnalytics – make you want it! 🙂

and a more detailed video from Microsoft Mechanics:


Getting started with MyAnalytics
Microsoft MyAnalytics for Office 365 admins
Microsoft MyAnalytics Outlook add-in
What is MyAnalytics?

Purpose of this blog challenge:

I will write 365 blogs in 365 days around Microsoft 365. I did a similar challenge with Office 365, blogs can be found here. I won’t just be talking about the new Microsoft 365 subscription model. I will be sharing any news, tips and tricks around Office / Office 365 / Windows / Mobility and Security. And let’s not forget all the great new Apps & services available.  A lot of what I’ll share on Office and SharePoint will also be applicable to none “Office 365” versions.

Feel free to #AskBraam if you have questions or would like me to write about a specific topic. I’ve created a Flow to monitor Twitter for the #AskBraam hashtag and will try my best to incorporate any questions into the blogs, or answer them directly on Twitter. This is a “Learning through Sharing” approach to teach my pet sheep about Microsoft – read more on this here.