Not all good things are great, especially if you’re not aware of it. I’ve been caught by AutoSave a couple of times and thought it best to create some awareness around it. AutoSave automatically saves your document after a couple of seconds. This is great, BUT, if your intention is to open the document, make changes to it, then save it as a new document – then listen up. The changes you’ve made, will save over the existing document. Let’s take a look at this and also at the settings for your AutoSave locations. This really is a great feature, but be careful that it doesn’t work against you. If needed, always SAVE AS your documents first, before making changes.

Purpose of this blog challenge:  I will write 365 blogs in 365 days around Microsoft 365. I did a similar challenge with Office 365, blogs can be found . I won’t just be talking about the new Microsoft 365 subscription model. I will be sharing any news, tips and tricks around Office / Office 365 / Windows / Mobility and Security. And let’s not forget all the great new Apps & services available.  A lot of what I’ll share on Office and SharePoint will also be applicable to none “Office 365” versions.

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