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Day 34 – Highlight Cell Rules in Excel

#Office365Challenge - Excel Conditional Formatting - Highlighting Cell Rules. Excel has many options when it comes to Conditional Formatting. Today we'll take a look at Highlighting Cell Rules. If you want to highlight certain areas in your spreadsheet - that... Continue Reading →

Day 33 – Removing duplicates in Excel

#Office365Challenge - Excel Removing Duplicates - As most of our data calculation, manipulation and reporting still happens in Excel, it might be necessary to check for and remove duplicates at times. Seeing as Excel can have over a 1,000,000 rows... Continue Reading →

Day 32 – Data Validation in Excel

#Office365Challenge - Data Validation in Excel: As much as I love SharePoint, some things still need to happen in Excel. Should you require users to complete certain fields - then Data Validation is for you. This allows you to validate... Continue Reading →

Day 31 – SharePoint Surveys Part 6

#Office365Challenge - So you've created a survey. Now how do you bring this under the attention of your users? People don't navigate around sites looking for surveys to complete - so it's definitely not a "Pull" of content, it will... Continue Reading →

Day 30 – SharePoint Surveys Part 5

#Office365Challenge - Now that we've successfully built a survey in SharePoint, as well as applied various settings / validations, we'll focus on the output. There's no point to surveys, if you can't access the data or report on it. So... Continue Reading →

Day 29 – SharePoint Surveys Part 4

#Office365Challenge While we're on the topic of SharePoint Surveys, this post will show you how to make changes to your Survey / Questions. I'll also share some tips on creating surveys with the focus on getting the best output. I... Continue Reading →

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