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Day 48 – PowerPoint Office Mix Quizzes

#Office365Challenge - This is my third post about Office Mix. Today we'll talk about the Quizzes you can do. This is a great tool to assess the reader's understanding of the topic. Day: 48 of 365, 317 left Tools: Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Day 47 – PowerPoint Mix Screen Recording

#Office365Challenge - So as promised, I'll be looking at Office Mix for a couple of days. As I create a lot of manuals, quick reference guides, handover documents etc., this truly is the best tool EVER!!! Today we'll look at... Continue Reading →

Day 46 – Office Mix

#Office365Challenge - Office Mix. OMW!!!! Where has this been all my life?!! Thanks to Craig Tarr for sharing this gem with me. So.... what's Office Mix you may ask? Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint (2013 / Office... Continue Reading →

Day 45 – The AMAZING Windows Button

#Office365Challenge - I love and use the Windows Button on my keyboard SO much, that I have a tattoo of it. Ok, I'm kidding - but I could - and that would be totally cool!! I'm considering painting it on... Continue Reading →

Day 44 – Excel / SharePoint Formulas using Commas or Semicolons

#Office365Challenge - Today's post is not so much an awesome thing about Excel / SharePoint / Office 365, but definitely something I think you should know. This post is dedicated to Anne Williams for reminding me to chat about this.... Continue Reading →

Day 43 – Auto Fill in Excel

#Office365Challenge - One of the options in Excel that I use often is Auto Fill. Auto Fill can be used to complete lists like Days of the Week, Months, Years, Series etc. This means that you only have to complete... Continue Reading →

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