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Day 62 – Inserting tables in Word

  #Office365Challenge - Tables in Word - A couple of days ago, we had a look at inserting tables (of contents) into your Word document. Today we'll cover tables which are used for displaying data in rows and columns. Day:... Continue Reading →

Day 61 – Notes in Outlook

#Office365Challenge - Notes in Outlook - This post is dedicated to Liam & Louise, for showing me this awesome thing in Outlook. Yup - there's another thing I didn't know. Day: 61 of 365, 304 left Tools: Microsoft Outlook Description:... Continue Reading →

Day 60 – Templates available in Word

#Office365Challenge - Templates available in Word - I get asked quite often to help someone design a birthday card or a poster. Only because I'm fairly "PowerPoint-capable". Now here's something I didn't know (as well), Word offers templates for doing... Continue Reading →

Day 59 – Single Page Orientation in Word

#Office365Challenge - Single Page Orientation in Word - so normally every page in Word is Portrait right?! Wrong! Maybe one of your pages has illustrations or tables which are too wide for a normal portrait page. So here goes for... Continue Reading →

Day 58 – Headers and Footers in Word

#Office365Challenge - "Adding a header or footer to a document brings a smidgen of professionalism to your Word 2013 written creations and helps keep things organized." I couldn't have said it better, thanks Also learnt a new word "Smidgen"... Continue Reading →

Day 57 – Inserting Comments in Word

#Office365Challenge - Inserting comments on your Word Document is a great way of sharing thoughts with other contributors or even just adding notes to training manuals. Day: 57 of 365, 308 left Tools: Microsoft Word Description: Inserting comments on your... Continue Reading →

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