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Day 69 – Using the Thesaurus in Microsoft Office

#Office365Challenge - Today I'll abuse an Office 365 post to chat about something I'm truly passionate about. Eloquence. And yes, Microsoft Office actually helps you with that. As mentioned before I'm an Afrikaans girl from South Africa - and my... Continue Reading →

Day 68 – Outlook Calendar Copy to Excel

#Office365Challenge - We all know that you can pretty much export any list / library from SharePoint to Excel, but what if you want a copy of your local Outlook Calendar in Excel? Anyone who's ever spent hours capturing their... Continue Reading →

Day 67 – The Future of SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - The Future of SharePoint - WOW - need I say more. Social Media has been buzzing with super psyched peeps sharing some really awesome stuff coming our way. Day: 67 of 365, 298 left Tools: Office 365, SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Day 66 – O365 App Launcher – How to resize your apps (tiles)

#Office365Challenge - Enough about Word for now.... So let's take a look at the App Launcher in O365. What is the App Launcher you might ask? It's that button in the top left hand corner which opens (launches) all your... Continue Reading →

Day 65 – Text Case conversion in Word

#Office365Challenge - Text Case conversion in Word is fairly easy using the Text Case menu. The same can be achieved in Excel by using these functions : =Upper(Cell), =Lower(Cell) or =Proper(Cell). I have to admit...... It's easier in Word (never... Continue Reading →

Day 64 – Insert Table of Figures in Word

#Office365Challenge - Inserting a Table of Figures in Word allows you to have an Index of all the illustrations, figures or images you've used in your document. This also becomes a clickable hyperlink to that place in the document. Day:... Continue Reading →

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