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Day 82 – Create a document Library in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Creating Document Libraries in SharePoint. These are most probably the most known of the apps and used by all. I do however think that if your document libraries on SharePoint is a mirror of what you used to... Continue Reading →

Day 81 – Importing spreadsheets to SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Importing a spreadsheet into SharePoint can be used to quickly populate a list in SharePoint - without building all the columns yourself. Day: 81 of 365, 284 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Importing spreadsheets to SharePoint “Create a list... Continue Reading →

Day 80 – Creating Picture Libraries in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Creating a Picture Library in SharePoint. This is a great place to store logos and branding material as well as a place where teams can share photos from events etc. Day: 80 of 365, 285 left Tools: SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Day 79 – Creating an Announcement List in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Creating an Announcement List in SharePoint. So why would you create an Announcement list in SharePoint if people don't navigate there and they insist on getting emails? Cause it's worth it!! Take time, sneak the change in. In... Continue Reading →

Day 78 – Creating Links Lists in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Creating Links Lists In SharePoint. So after Promoted Links, these are one of my favourite, most underutilized apps. Links lists are similar to shortcuts, and these shortcuts or favourites can be to any sites, pages, documents you use... Continue Reading →

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