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Day 90 – Considerations before creating Document Libraries in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Considerations before creating Document Libraries in SharePoint: During the first couple of years in my SharePoint career, I was a bit of a cowboy. And not a good one at that! I created apps on the fly, faster... Continue Reading →

Day 89 – Delve and User Profiles in Office 365

#Office365Challenge - Remember how you used to save everything on your desktop so you could find it faster? Please don't. Office 365 brings you Delve, which kinda does all of this for you. Automatically. "With Delve, information finds you versus... Continue Reading →

Day 88 – Version Histories in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Version Histories in SharePoint are one of those features I use to get people to trust SharePoint AND each other. The root cause of every complex site I have come across is people not trusting other people. This... Continue Reading →

Day 87 – Open behaviour for documents in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Even though we're moving towards Office 365 / Cloud most users still have desktop versions of their Office installed, and prefer opening their documents in these as opposed to opening it in their web browser. Especially in the... Continue Reading →

Day 85 – Creating Datasheet Views in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - The ability to create Datasheet Views in SharePoint are useful when you have to update bulk properties on a regular basis - whether it a list or library. The same can be done by just clicking on the... Continue Reading →

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