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Day 244 – What is Microsoft Flow?

#Office365Challenge I'm pretty tired of redoing or duplicating work, because it sits on different platforms or because adding automation would add complexity. If you feel the same - you will LOVE Microsoft Flow! Day: 244 of 365, 121 left Tools:... Continue Reading →

Day 243 – Using Notes Pages in PowerPoint

 #Office365Challenge PowerPoint presentations should not have too much text on each slide. This means that the people will read the text instead of listening to you.  Greater impact is achieved by adding keywords on the slides, then telling the story around... Continue Reading →

Day 242 – Email page from OneNote

 #Office365Challenge OneNote is pretty nifty for making notes from meetings etc. As many of our meetings are with people outside of our organisation, today's tip really helps a lot. Day: 242 of 365, 123 left Tools: Office 365 / OneNote... Continue Reading →

Day 241 – Convert OneNote Tasks to Outlook Tasks

#Office365Challenge I've written a couple of blogs about OneNote and this is something cool to use. I'm super lazy and when my programs start talking to each other - I'm real happy!! Day: 241 of 365, 124 left Tools: Office... Continue Reading →

Day 240 – Using OneDrive for Business

#Office365Challenge Adding files to OneDrive couldn't be easier. Especially if you've synced it to your pc already. Day: 240 of 365, 125 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint Description: Using OneDrive for Business Upload files: Click on the New, then... Continue Reading →

Day 239 – Getting started with OneDrive for Business

#Office365Challenge Today we'll start with the basics around OneDrive for Business. Day: 239 of 365, 126 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint Description: Getting started with OneDrive for Business I think before we get started, I'd like to cover the... Continue Reading →

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