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#Office365 #Adoption Truths: Users can smell your fear

Among other things. They can also see through you when you're launching a campaign to move to the cloud, for the 'wrong reasons'. Let's take a look at reasons for moving to #Office365 and how I reckon you should approach... Continue Reading →


#Microsoft365 Day 129: ROI on Training, transform your business!

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #DigitalLiteracy Special thanks to @Bob1German and @Worrelpa for inspiring me to finish this article. This is not a 5 minute read, as it's taken me days to write. I'm crazy passionate about helping people and #DigitalLiteracy has been... Continue Reading →

Day 354 – Do NOT miss out on these 4 Office 365 SuperPowers

#Office365ChallengeĀ I'm all about empowering people, call me a Micro"Softie" if you like. I also have a thing for super heroes, so when I take a look at Microsoft's approach around enabling users of Office 365 - I'm super happy. In... Continue Reading →

Day 119 – Discover SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Discover SharePoint is a set of documents available for download, which includes a Use Case Catalogue and some other great adoption guidelines. These will help you figure out what SharePoint is, and assist you in driving organic adoption... Continue Reading →

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