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Day 256 – Flow: Get daily reminders in Email

#Office365Challenge Maybe you need a couple of reminders for a week or so, then this Flow template is the thing for you. Day: 256 of 365, 109 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Outlook Description: Flow:  Get daily reminders... Continue Reading →

Day 255 – Flow: Send approval email when a new item is added

#Office365Challenge Send approval mail when new item is added is of course the easiest way to setup an approval workflow. Day: 255 of 365, 110 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Dropbox / OneDrive Description: Flow:  Send approval email... Continue Reading →

Day 254 – Flow: Copy new files in Dropbox to a specific folder on OneDrive

#Office365Challenge This Flow template will make a copy of a file added to Dropbox and place it in your OneDrive (personal) folder. Day: 254 of 365, 111 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Dropbox / OneDrive Description: Flow:  Copy new... Continue Reading →

Day 253 – Flow: Save new email attachment to OneDrive for Business

#Office365Challenge We've already done a flow which saves your email attachments to a SharePoint Library. Today we'll do one to save email attachments to your OneDrive for Business. Day: 253 of 365, 112 left Tools: Office 365 / OneDrive / Flow /... Continue Reading →

Day 252 – Flow – Block out my Office 365 calendar for an hour

 #Office365Challenge This flow template is used to create a quick "block out my calendar" action on your phone. Maybe you ran into someone for lunch, or someone has walked into your office for a quick chat, which will turn into an... Continue Reading →

Day 251 – Flow: Manage Existing Flows

#Office365Challenge Today we'll take a look at how to manage your flows and check on the status of a specific Flow. Day: 251 of 365, 114 left Tools: Office 365 / SharePoint / Flow Description: Flow:  Save my email attachments... Continue Reading →

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