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#Microsoft365 Day 140: Use Microsoft Flow to auto publish your YouTube Videos to WordPress

In this 4 minute video tip I’ll show you how to setup a Microsoft Flow that will create a WordPress post for you, every time you publish a video to YouTube. Enjoy!! Purpose of this blog challenge:  I will write... Continue Reading →

Day 335 – 7 Ways to Promote your SharePoint Blog

 #Office365Challenge Just because you're passionate about the blog you write - doesn't mean people sit there watching and refreshing the page, waiting for something to happen. You have to promote your blog, especially if you don't have regular followers yet.... Continue Reading →

Day 334 – Manage your SharePoint blog and categories

#Office365Challenge Today we'll take a look at managing your blogs on SharePoint. Editing, approving blogs as well as adding new categories. Day:  334 of 365, 31 left Tools:  SharePoint 2016, Office 365 Description: Manage your SharePoint blog and categories Audience:  End User / Power User... Continue Reading →

Day 333 – Create and Use SharePoint Blog Sites

   #Office365Challenge SharePoint Blog sites can be used for company announcements, innovations, ideas, training and general knowledge sharing. The content will only be available to the people inside your organization, therefor an ideal place to share classified content - not for... Continue Reading →

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