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Conditional Formatting

#Microsoft365 Day 364: Format RAG Status with #JSON in #SharePoint

For the second last post in my #Microsoft365Challenge I decided to talk about #JSON again. "He's" a pretty cool guy, and it's really amazing what we can achieve by using JSON to format columns in #SharePoint. In this video I'll... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 363: Apply Status Column Formatting using #JSON in #SharePoint

The Column Formatting was launched September last year (2017), and I actually haven't tried it out. So let's do that. I'm going to be using #JSON to apply formatting in a list in #SharePoint, on a status column. And believe... Continue Reading →

Day 36 – Data Bars, Colours Scales and Icon Sets in Excel

#Office365Challenge - Excel Conditional Formatting - Data Bars, Colour Scales and Icon Sets. This is the third post dealing with Conditional Formatting in Excel. An extremely underrated, underused functionality. Day: 36 of 365, 329 left Tools: Excel Description: Data Bars,... Continue Reading →

Day 35 – Excel Top to Bottom Rules

#Office365Challenge - Excel Conditional Formatting - Top to Bottom Rules. As mentioned yesterday, Excel has many options when it comes to Conditional Formatting. Yesterday we worked with Highlighting Cell Rules. Today we'll take a look at Top to Bottom Rules.... Continue Reading →

Day 34 – Highlight Cell Rules in Excel

#Office365Challenge - Excel Conditional Formatting - Highlighting Cell Rules. Excel has many options when it comes to Conditional Formatting. Today we'll take a look at Highlighting Cell Rules. If you want to highlight certain areas in your spreadsheet - that... Continue Reading →

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