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#Microsoft365 Day 124: Capture and Share Contacts with Office 365

#Microsoft365 #Office365 Recently I published a blog on "Capture leads and contacts with Forms, Flow and SharePoint". I knew I would want to update it and I got an overwhelming response on social media with some really cool suggestions, questions AND help.... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 117 – Capture leads and contacts with Forms, Flow and SharePoint

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #MSTechSummit #MSForms #MSFlow #SharePoint I was fortunate to present at and attend the Microsoft Tech Summit in Cape Town this week.  Typical to my nature, business cards and 'talking shop' was the last thing on my mind during the... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 11: Dynamics 365 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - Dynamics 365 was made available from 1 November 2016 and replaced Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It brings together the best of the CRM and ERP cloud offerings with specific apps for key business processes. For previous posts in... Continue Reading →

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