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Document Libraries

#Microsoft365 Day 331: Empower Your #SharePoint #Intranet Super Users Part 9

Today we'll look at Document libraries. Basically you can have two types, one with folders, one with metadata (and yes sometimes, both). We'll do single uploads and drag and drops, update the metadata and use Quick Edit to 'bulk' update... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 223: Important versioning update for #SharePoint Online & #OneDrive

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #SharePoint #OneDrive Beginning of May it was announced that there will be a change to the versioning settings for SharePoint and OneDrive. This affects all Document Libraries in SharePoint Team Sites as well as OneDrive. Keep in mind... Continue Reading →

Day 112 – Office 365 Changes to Document Libraries

#Office365Challenge - Office 365 Changes to Document Libraries. The changes to the SharePoint Document Libraries have a lot of people talking. Not just about the actual changes, but also what it indicates for the future. As I recently changed my... Continue Reading →

Day 82 – Create a document Library in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Creating Document Libraries in SharePoint. These are most probably the most known of the apps and used by all. I do however think that if your document libraries on SharePoint is a mirror of what you used to... Continue Reading →

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