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SharePoint Online Branding & Design Ideas

I always receive great feedback after posting content related to #SharePoint Online Branding. Now by this I don't mean the #fancypants HTML & CSS stuff. I'm talking Out The Box #Office365 #Microsoft365 SharePoint using #PowerPoint or these days #Paint3D to... Continue Reading →

Use PowerPoint Design Ideas for SharePoint Page Banners

I've always been a fan of #PowerPoint and I use it daily to design graphics for #SharePoint pages. #Paint3D has now also become a friend, but in this short video I'll show you some tips on creating banner graphics for... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 134: PowerPoint Designer ups its game AGAIN!

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #PowerPoint Everyone knows I LOVE PowerPoint, I even had a Powerpuff girl tattooed on my arm and called her PowerPoint Zoom. I've (incorrectly) used PowerPoint for years to design some crazy graphics that I used on my sites... Continue Reading →

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