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List Settings

#Microsoft365 Day 321: Empower Your #SharePoint #Intranet Super Users Part 7

The List Settings is where you'll find the version settings, approvals, quick edit etc. This is also where you'll find the Item Level Permissions. This is a great feature that allows you to specify whether users can only see and... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 296: Let’s Build a #SharePoint Intranet Together (Part 6)

The Communication site is built, you've added Apps for Documents, FAQ's and Pictures. You've also created Lookup lists for your categories in the Apps. In this video we'll create grouped views for your content in Documents, FAQ's and Pictures. These... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 235: Exclude Apps from Search results in #SharePoint

Another great OTB function in SharePoint is to exclude libraries and lists from Search results. You might be wondering why on earth you'd do that - but in the example I've excluded a Document Types Lookup list. Even though everyone... Continue Reading →

Day 168 Where’s my List Settings in SharePoint?!

#Office365Challenge With changes often comes frustration, and the new Modern Lists in SharePoint, comes with a lot of change. Let me help you discover, learn and adopt. Day: 168 of 365, 197 left Tools: SharePoint Description: Modern Lists in SharePoint -... Continue Reading →

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