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Microsoft Flow

#Microsoft365 Day 348: Build your #PowerPlatform with #OneDrive and #MicrosoftFlow

#Microsoft365 #Office365 The vision for "Working from anywhere, on any device, at any time - for everyone" becomes real when integration and transparency takes place. No longer do we have to navigate to different apps and browsers to achieve what... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 246: Have you used the Ranking Column in #MicrosoftForms?

Ranking columns in Microsoft Forms are a great way to get feedback on what's important to people. Think Feature requests, what they want to see on the Intranet or even Employee satisfaction surveys. Really easy column to add and complete.... Continue Reading →

Title: This is a Test Video Please Ignore

Title: This is a Test Video Please Ignore Blog content: This is just a test video as I'm testing the Microsoft Flow functionality to create WordPress Posts from Youtube videos that I've published. Don't you just LOVE Office 365??? This... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 12: Microsoft Flow 101 & Resources

#Microsoft365 - Work less, do more - you just have to love that! Microsoft Flow is used to create automated workflows between your favourite apps and services around Email, Productivity, Notifications, Collecting Data, Social Media and MUCH more.   For... Continue Reading →

Day 256 – Flow: Get daily reminders in Email

#Office365Challenge Maybe you need a couple of reminders for a week or so, then this Flow template is the thing for you. Day: 256 of 365, 109 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Outlook Description: Flow:  Get daily reminders... Continue Reading →

Day 255 – Flow: Send approval email when a new item is added

#Office365Challenge Send approval mail when new item is added is of course the easiest way to setup an approval workflow. Day: 255 of 365, 110 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Dropbox / OneDrive Description: Flow:  Send approval email... Continue Reading →

Day 254 – Flow: Copy new files in Dropbox to a specific folder on OneDrive

#Office365Challenge This Flow template will make a copy of a file added to Dropbox and place it in your OneDrive (personal) folder. Day: 254 of 365, 111 left Tools: Office 365 / Flow / Dropbox / OneDrive Description: Flow:  Copy new... Continue Reading →

Day 253 – Flow: Save new email attachment to OneDrive for Business

#Office365Challenge We've already done a flow which saves your email attachments to a SharePoint Library. Today we'll do one to save email attachments to your OneDrive for Business. Day: 253 of 365, 112 left Tools: Office 365 / OneDrive / Flow /... Continue Reading →

Day 252 – Flow – Block out my Office 365 calendar for an hour

 #Office365Challenge This flow template is used to create a quick "block out my calendar" action on your phone. Maybe you ran into someone for lunch, or someone has walked into your office for a quick chat, which will turn into an... Continue Reading →

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