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Day 330 – Manage and Discard Checked out files in SharePoint

 #Office365Challenge So a file's checked out and you want to discard that immediately?! (Haha, really having some fun with these WikiHow Images). This post covers the permissions you need to view other users' checked out files and how to manage... Continue Reading →

Day 328 – Open and Edit SVG files in Microsoft Office

 #Office365Challenge I'm a sucker for doing crazy design stuff in PowerPoint, and when Microsoft adds functionality to do even more - I'm super happy. Today we'll take a look at working with SVG files in Office. Day:  328 of 365, 37 left... Continue Reading →

Day 327 – Using CONCAT and TEXTJOIN in Microsoft Excel

 #Office365Challenge I've always been a huge fan of data clean-up formulas. LEFT, MID, RIGHT, TRIM, CONCATENATE etc. The January 2016 update had some updates around new functions and data entry. Day:  327 of 365, 38 left Tools:  Office 365, Office 2016, Excel Description: Using... Continue Reading →

Day 326 – Using the Learning Tools in Microsoft Word

 #Office365Challenge The Learning Tools in Microsoft Word might be focussed on helping people improve their reading skills - but after I saw the "Read Aloud" feature I knew I would be using this. Day:  326 of 365, 39 left Tools:  Office 365, Office... Continue Reading →

Day 325 – Getting those bullets to work in Design Ideas – Microsoft PowerPoint

 #Office365Challenge I've seen a couple of tweets about the bullet points not working in PowerPoint Designer. I've tried, tried and tried again (maybe an update has come through) and Voila - I got it working. Day:  325 of 365, 40 left Tools:... Continue Reading →

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