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Using On Page Anchors in #Office365 #SharePoint Online

On Page Anchors for #SharePoint Pages has arrived! This is a welcome new addition to new Modern SharePoint features for sure. Anchors are used to navigate the user to a specific place on the current page (headers). This really helps... Continue Reading →

Megamenu in #Office365 #SharePoint Online SOON!

I am so excited about this announcement. Clients have been begging for this for years. #MegaMenu in #SharePoint online. Yay!!! It's like Xmas came soon (yeah, we'll only get it later, but still). Get to the point faster by not... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 310: Let’s Build a #SharePoint Intranet Together (Part 20)

The Top (Global) navigation helps users navigate, this also shows up great in the mobile app. On the new modern sites, this is actually the old Quick Launch and there are two ways to update this. Let me show you... Continue Reading →

Day 21 – Promoted Links in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - You might be building great solutions in SharePoint, but if users cannot easily navigate to it - you've failed. Let's face it - not everyone has evolved into "Search Mode" yet - so we have no choice than... Continue Reading →

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