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Office Lens

#Microsoft365 Day 362: Visual Content Intelligence in #OneDrive (OCR)

This impressed my socks off!! I've known about it for quite some time, but this is my first test of it, and, WOW! It works great. Using #OfficeLens on my phone to take photos of receipts, which then stores it... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 122: Capture notes using #OfficeLens, #OneNote and #OneDrive on your Mobile

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #OfficeLens #OneNote #OneDriveĀ As preparation for the upcoming #IntraTeam18 conference in Copenhagen I've started setting up my OneNote sections and pages I'd like to use for the conference. I use my mobile to take notes, pictures and reference files.... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 68: Have you used Office Lens yet?

#Microsoft365 - I attend a lot of meetings and conferences (sure we all do) and I don't always get the best seat right in the middle up front. So when I take photos of presentation slides they always end up... Continue Reading →

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