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Dear Tech Industry: Stop putting people on pedestals

I've decided to talk about a sensitive subject(s). Diversity, Inclusion, Exclusion, Women in IT, Personal Development, Self Esteem & Sensitivity. Oh and the Zombie Apocalypse. It's about not labeling people and actually 'seeing' them for who they truly are. Giving... Continue Reading →

A minimalist approach to computing with #Office365 and #Windows

With 2019 a reality, we can expect many New Year's Resolutions flooding our social media feeds. The usual suspects being: Losing weight, eating healthy, exercise more, etc. I can't help you get to gym more, but I can help you... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 361: #MyAnalytics in #Office 365 to see how productive you are

So #MyAnalytics in #Office 365 monitors your emails (sent and received) as well as meeting time and then gives you analytics around your productivity. Of course it doesn't track the other time spent working, but it's still a good indication. Especially... Continue Reading →

Microsoft 365 Day 48: Save 30mins a day with these 10 Windows & Office Tips

#Microsoft365 – I've been spending a lot of time on whitepapers, blogs and researching Digital Literacy. Think everybody you work with is PC Literate? Well you're WRONG. Teaching people the basic skills (you might have forgotten already) will save you a... Continue Reading →

Day 315 – How to Train your Inbox Dragon

#Office365Challenge Nothing destroys a good vacation of quality time spent with family and well deserved rest - as an aggressively overflowing Inbox. I feel your pain. Day:  315 of 365, 50 left Tools:  Office 365, Outlook Description:  How to Train your Inbox Dragon Audience:  All... Continue Reading →

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