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Manage your Projects with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Lists

Today I'll cover some basics on managing your projects with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Lists. We'll also take a look at building a PMO dashboard for management project overviews. Although not shown in the clip, I absolutely use #MSPlanner on... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 228: Create a #MicrosoftTeam from a Template

#Microsoft365 #Office365 #Microsoft Team Only released a couple of days ago, this is yet another feature update that I'm VERY happy with. Creating Teams from Templates will save a lot of time and ensure 'governance' and standards. Still a manual process,... Continue Reading →

Day 350 – Using Gantt Charts in SharePoint Task Lists

#Office365Challenge Task lists are one of my favourites to show business the value of SharePoint. So much time is wasted taking notes in meetings, then capturing it in Excel, distributing it and trying our best to manage and update them. Thanks to... Continue Reading →

Day 75 – SharePoint Apps – Building a Task List

#Office365Challenge - SharePoint Apps - Building a Task List: I've sat in way too many meetings where tasks were being captured on Word / Excel or even on paper. Only for that person to then spend hours updating the lists,... Continue Reading →

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