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#Microsoft365 Day 353: Use News in #SharePoint to drive awareness and launch new policies

You'd think that the News pages are just there to replace the text and images we used in Word documents or emails as announcements. You are so wrong. Those pages are dynamic, you can add web parts and videos, Forms... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 246: Have you used the Ranking Column in #MicrosoftForms?

Ranking columns in Microsoft Forms are a great way to get feedback on what's important to people. Think Feature requests, what they want to see on the Intranet or even Employee satisfaction surveys. Really easy column to add and complete.... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 244: #Office365 Groups now available in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms are pretty amazing. So easy to create beautiful quizzes and surveys in a matter of minutes - AND they are responsive - looks great on mobile. It is a challenge though if you're the only owner of a... Continue Reading →

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