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Use PowerPoint Design Ideas for SharePoint Page Banners

I've always been a fan of #PowerPoint and I use it daily to design graphics for #SharePoint pages. #Paint3D has now also become a friend, but in this short video I'll show you some tips on creating banner graphics for... Continue Reading →

How to create and use shape dividers in SharePoint Online

On the 27th of April 2021, I attended a session at the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon which inspired me SO much, I just had to go try it out. The session was "Build a Beautifully Designed Intranet: Tips and Tricks... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 Day 91 – Page layouts in SharePoint Communication Sites

#Microsoft365 #Office365 - The new #SharePoint Communication site templates are beautiful and responsive, but it requires a bit of planning / design to get your layout just perfect. Adding all the web parts below each other is boring to say... Continue Reading →

Day 21 – Promoted Links in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - You might be building great solutions in SharePoint, but if users cannot easily navigate to it - you've failed. Let's face it - not everyone has evolved into "Search Mode" yet - so we have no choice than... Continue Reading →

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