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#Microsoft365 Day 318: Empower Your #SharePoint #Intranet Super Users Part 4

In this part I'll take you through the Site Contents, where you'll see all the Apps built on your site. This is also where you'll find the Site Usage Reports, Site Settings and the Recycle Bin. I'll also cover deleting... Continue Reading →

Day 111 – Office 365 Changes to Site Contents Layout

#Office365Challenge - Office 365 Changes to Site Contents Layout. Yesterday we had a look at the changes from the App Launcher and the new page it opens for SharePoint (previously Sites Icon). Today we'll look at the Site Contents and... Continue Reading →

Day 110 – Office 365 Changes to App Launcher and Sites

#Office365Challenge - Office 365 Changes to App Launcher and Sites. In the last couple of weeks a lot of changes has happened in Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Today we'll start to look at the App launcher and Site Contents.... Continue Reading →

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