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Microsoft 365 Day 43: How to insert a table of contents in Word

#Microsoft365 – Inserting a Table of Contents in #MSWord is one of the easiest ways to make your documents look super professional. It's also one of the only things I know how to do in Word. Yup - I'm honest. My... Continue Reading →

Day 326 – Using the Learning Tools in Microsoft Word

 #Office365Challenge The Learning Tools in Microsoft Word might be focussed on helping people improve their reading skills - but after I saw the "Read Aloud" feature I knew I would be using this. Day:  326 of 365, 39 left Tools:  Office 365, Office... Continue Reading →

Day 323 – Convert Ink to shapes with the Draw Tab In Office 2016

 #Office365Challenge What a great idea! Help-me-draw (straight). Because let's face it, we're not all Pablo Picassos, or wait, maybe we are. We're not all architects - and what I'm referring to is drawing straight lines and shapes. This post will... Continue Reading →

Day 318 – Get Insights with Smart Lookup in Microsoft Word

#Office365Challenge Smart Lookup was launched in September 2015. This tool helps you to gather insight into your content as well as see other top related searches and articles as well as definitions. Day:  318 of 365, 47 left Tools:  Office 365, Word Description: ... Continue Reading →

Day 317 – Using the new Researcher in Microsoft Word

#Office365Challenge The all new Researcher was added to Word in the June 2016 updates. It's a great research tool for those who write articles, blogs, publish papers. Day:  317 of 365, 48 left Tools:  Office 365, Word Description:  Using the new Researcher in... Continue Reading →

Day 299 – Citations, Bibliographies & References in Word

#Office365Challenge Anyone who writes books, blogs, articles, whitepapers & create presentations will find this useful. So yes - pretty much most of us. The ability to create meaningful citations for bibliographies or references are extremely powerful in Word. Day: 299 of 365, 66... Continue Reading →

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