Wow!  What an amazing event – SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg.

“SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively open day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals and customers covering a wide variety of SharePoint-orientated topics. 
SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint and your community. “

 The event was hosted at the BCX premises in Midrand. Organisers:  Veronique Palmer (Lets Collaborate – @VeroniquePalmer) & Athena Downs (BCX). See the opening video for the event – well done V!! Go have a look at the agenda and speakers as well.

 I helped a teensy bit by packing goody bags, and must admit, didn’t realise how much effort went into preparing for an event like that. I have taken things for granted in the past – gifts, pamphlets, goody bags, refreshments etc. etc. But not anymore! Now I know what happens behind the curtains – let’s take a peak:  Veronique Palmer + Jade Taylor + Cathy Kohler + Athena Downs + Kathy Myhill-Muller + Vanessa Raath (@Its_About_Peopl) and of course – the sponsors. You made amazing things happen.

 I was honoured to be a speaker at the event as well and spoke about Information Management in SharePoint based on ISO principles. Keynote by Christian Buckley and another 23 mind-blowing sessions ensured this to be a day to remember.

 I dragged my sister – Dinah Coetzer with as well – and even though I’ve been preaching the SharePoint gospel to her for years – she only NOW REALLY GET’S it! (How’s that for not listening to family – and lapping up everything everyone else said). Whooaaagghh!! One small step for man….

 So here’s what she had to say:  “Business sees SharePoint as a document repository. They have NO IDEA of the value it can add.  And the issue everyone has (not just in SharePoint) regarding management commitment and drive, might be a management maturity thing in SA. Building SharePoint on ISO principles not only gives structure and an excellent project plan, but also portrays the valued add and possible savings to management. This in return will increase the management buy-in”.

 So I’ve always struggled finding balance between professional and private life – as I love what I do SO much. I eat, breath, sleep & walk SharePoint. Becoming part of the SharePoint Community has shown me that we can have fun, make great friends, learn and “SHARE” while in our professional environments.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these “IT Geeks” actually had a dazzling sense of humour and more to offer than “1’s” and “0’s”. Also started a trend by calling everyone cupcake (they think it’s because they’re cute – it’s not – I don’t remember names). So to mention some of the amazing people that I met on Friday / Saturday – Jonty Collins, Mark Schneeberger, Seb Matthews, Susan Reid, Francois Pienaar, Bradley Geldenhuys, Michael Noel, Christian Buckley, Marlon Green, Gia Thom, Alistair Pugin and Brett Lonsdale. Thank you guys (and girls) – you (and everyone else) rocked my weekend!

 Again, a BIG thank you to Lets Collaborate & BCX for making this happen.