We all love the ability to setup alerts in SharePoint, but how useful are they when they don’t relate to you? All it does is fill up your inbox. Yesterday I showed you how to create a filtered view in SharePoint. Today we’ll look at the filtered alert you can setup, based on this view.

Day: 6 of 365, 359 left
Tools: SharePoint Online; SharePoint 2013
Description: Creating filtered alerts in SharePoint

Overview: I have a custom list used for on-boarding requests. For example: Does the person require parking, a notebook, access to SAP etc. I’m not adding workflow or customizing forms, but I would like to notify the relevant people with an alert, when there is a requirement that they are responsible for.

Now let’s create the filtered view:

Once the filtered view is created (prerequisite), you will be able to select this view to run the alert on.
Go to the List tab > Alert Me > Setup Alert. You might have to select the library or list where you want to add the alert, then click on Add Alert.
Give the Alert a descriptive name, so I added “Parking Bay Required” behind On-boarding Solution (name of list). This will be the subject in the email you receive.

Change Type: Here I selected “New Items are Added” – as I don’t want to receive the alerts for every time someone updates the list – only when new items are added.

Send Alerts for these Changes: Here I selected “Someone changes an item that appears in the following view:” – Parking. You would not have this dropdown – if you don’t have filtered views.

You also have the ability to manage “When to Send Alerts”.
You can now save the alert, after which you will receive an automatic email to notify that your alert was added successfully.

Going forward, you will receive an alert every time someone adds a new item where one of the requirements is equal to “parking”.
And that’s all their is to it!!

Alert 1
Alert 2
Email Alert

Have a great day!

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