With approximately a week to #MSIgnite, now is the time to do some preparation, because as soon as you hit that floor it will be learning, walking, chatting & having fun. No time for administration. Here’s some tips to manage the information being shared on Twitter and how to share it with you team in #MicrosoftTeams and action some of them with #MicrosoftPlanner.

Step 1:

Create a list in SharePoint to capture the fields from Twitter you would like to use:

  • Create custom list
  • Add columns (make sure the Tweet Text is Single line of text as Planner will not use Multiple Lines)
  • Below is a screenshot of the columns I used (I added extra columns at first, you only need the highlighted ones). Take note of the Multiple lines of text “issue”.

Step 2:

Create a Microsoft Flow to capture the Tweets in the SharePoint list:

  • Create from blank
  • Search for Trigger “Twitter – When a new tweet is posted”
  • Configure your Twitter account if first time use
  • Add a condition – When Tweet Text contains #MSIgnite (or whichever hashtag you would like to monitor)
  • In the Yes part of the condition add the following:
    • Add an Action – Search for SharePoint – Create Item
    • Select your Site & List
    • Add the Twitter fields into the SharePoint Columns as indicated (add the fields stipulated above
    • Rename and save the Flow
  • Would be great to bring a second condition in that excludes RT Tweets so you don’t have duplicates. I’m still struggling with two conditions after each other – we’ll get there 🙂

Below you’ll see the SharePoint list populated:
I’ve also created a view that groups the Tweets by the person who Tweeted so I can quickly navigate to some of my favourite people, like Anna Chu 🙂

Step 3:

  • In your Microsoft Team, create a channel for #MSIgnite News
  • In you Planner for that Team, create a bucket for #MSIgnite

Step 4:

Create a second Microsoft Flow to action some of the Tweets. This will allow you to scan the Tweets and Action some of them for follow up afterwards:

  • Create from blank
  • Search for Trigger SharePoint when item is modified or created
  • Configure the Site / List you created
  • Add a condition “when the Action field is equal to true” (That is yes on the Yes/No picker)

Now add actions for the following in the Yes part of the Condition:

  • Create a Task in Planner
    • Configure the Plan and Bucket
    • Add the Single Line of Text Tweet Text as the Title with the Tweeted by in front
    • (Sadly can’t add more now or URL to Tweet, will have to keep an eye on this)
  • Post a Message to Microsoft Teams
    • Configure the Team and Channel
    • Add text for the message that should appear
  • Rename and Save Flow

In SharePoint I can select an item and mark it to Action:

Once Action-ed, Flow will pick this up to action, create a Planner task for it and post a message to your Team.

Here’ you’ll see the message in Microsoft Teams:

Here’s the task in Planner:

Voila!! Make Office 365 work for you and help you be better than you were the day before 🙂

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