Today we’ll take a look at the updates announced at #MSIgnite regarding the Page Title Region on #SharePoint online pages. The Page Title Region is situated at the top of your modern SharePoint online page. This is where you’ll add the image for the banner, and the title.


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Page Title Region

New page title region options – As you begin to create the look and feel of your page, you now have more control over what the title region of your page looks like. You can choose from several layout options, alignment of where the overlay text resides, add text labels, show published date and author and provide alternative text to enhance the accessibility of your page. Mark Kashman. Read more…

Current Page Title Options:

Yup, that’s zero, apart from adding your the Title, image and setting the focal point, there’s not much else we can change:

Updates coming soon:

The update will allow us to set different options for the header.
Image & Title

  • Plain
  • Color Block
  • Overlap
  • Alignment

The color block is what’s illustrated below, I’m really excited about it as the modern SharePoint starts to evolve into something so much more. On the Color Block you can define placement. alternative text and whether it must show the published date.



I recently published a blog with some tips and tricks on creating your banners / images for SharePoint Online. You’ll find it here.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

(from Microsoft Blog)

Q: When is this all being released in Office 365?

A: The above blog marks the disclosure of numerous feature and capability announcements. Our goal is to release all the items to Targeted Release customers in Office 365 by the end of the first half of calendar year 2019. You can expect future blogs and admin message center posts to raise attention to specific change management dates per each item to designate initial availability roll out in Office 365, with refined information about timing and duration of roll out.

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