Imagine I was a personal trainer and nutritionist. Bwahahahahaha!!!…. Ok, you can all stop laughing now, but just imagine… So, companies approach me to help them decide which equipment to use in the #Office365 gym and help their users get in shape. It’s not about telling people what to do to be healthier, but also help them understand the benefits it has in store.

Personal Trainer

So I’ll spend some time studying the company and their old and current habits. What equipment have they been using, what can still be used and where do we have to replace? I’ll work out a plan and also focus on methods to help the employees stay fit after “the gym has been launched”.

Guess what?

Most of them wants the shortcut. Whether that’s due to time of money constraints.

“Isn’t there just a pill we can take Tracy? Something that’ll work by next Monday?”

Ummm let me think about that …. NOPE! That hasn’t helped me lose weight and it surely won’t help your users adopt Office 365.

So what should we do?

First you need to understand that if your users have a history of not keeping fit and eating unhealthy foods, then this is going to be difficult. Not only do you need to implement new ‘ways of working’, you also need to destroy old, bad habits, and that hurts a LOT!

To achieve different results you have to do different things, and do things differently.

Change Management

Office 365 is more about changing company cultures than you’ll ever know. Of course Communication and Training forms the most important part of this. And no, this can’t be done in a couple of days.

For more guidance on how to approach this right, see the resources below:

Other resources:


If you’re new to change management / adoption programs, Microsoft has released the Service Adoption Specialist Course to help you with the tools and insights you need. This is definitely worth doing! 

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