I’ve been an #Office365 user for so long and I’m spoilt to the point, where I don’t even remember what “I didn’t have before”. Here I was thinking that Office 2019 is the same as ProPlus. Nope – look at me not knowing the product I SO love. I’ll call that “Tech Privilege”. So here’s some handy comparisons to help you make the right decisions regarding the version of Office you should be using. (It’s ProPlus by the way, but keep on reading…)

Below you’ll see the comparisons, and I know you’ll have difficulty understanding the value of a feature if you’ve never had it before, but believe me, Web Apps, Dictation & Researcher in Word, Design Ideas in PowerPoint, Real-time co-authoring and Ideas in Excel are features I simply cannot live without anymore.

I’ve written about and presented many times on the productivity savings with Office, that’s before you even get to Office 365 Apps & Services, so for me this is non-negotiable. Office 365 ProPlus is the way to go. Remember though that just upgrading users won’t work. You’ll have to roll out some training & awareness campaigns on what’s new and how they can use it.

Here’s some more resources to help as well:

Office Comparisons

Across Apps

Word and PowerPoint

Excel and Outlook

IT Features

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New Initiative:

Every couple of months I’m going to travel to a new country, rent a motorcycle, and travel to as many communities as possible, for 15.2 days. Purpose would be to create awareness around Digital Literacy and give users an overview of Office 365 Apps and Services and how it can transform their lives. I’ll do video and written blogs to capture and share my journey and experiences.

Feedback would be crucial, and I’ll be using Microsoft Forms & Flow to gather valuable feedback for myself and Microsoft. I will be inviting other community members to join me on my journey when I’m in their respective areas.

Of course it wouldn’t be possible without sponsorship to help support this cause. Reach out if you’re interested on getting involved in any way, here’s a link to a Microsoft Form that can be completed: https://bit.ly/2LaQBRQ