This is not a recap blog as I sadly couldn’t attend any sessions at #Microsoft #MSIgnite. I did however make notes of resources as it was shared for my own reading list and thought it might help others as well. If you have any other resources to share, please comment on the blog or where it was shared on social media.


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Microsoft Ignite 2020 Book of News

“The Microsoft Ignite 2020 Book of News is your guide to the key news items that we are announcing at Ignite. To make the Book of News more interactive, we’ve created a live site that we hope you will find engaging and easy to navigate. Instead of scrolling through pages of content, you now have the option to select the items you are interested in from the table of contents. We hope the new changes will help you get all the information, executive insight and context you need.”

Seven ways we’re empowering every person and every organization to thrive in a new world of work

By Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365

As we kick off Microsoft Ignite 2020, here are seven keys to success for every IT and business leader to empower people for the new world of work—plus innovation in each area to deliver human ingenuity at scale.

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Empowering businesses to build resilience for today and what’s ahead

By Frank X. Shaw – Corporate Vice President, Communications, Microsoft

We have a front-row seat to the innovation and creativity of our customers, and today’s announcements bring additional tools to help them solve the challenges they’re facing now while building what’s possible in the future.

This week at Microsoft Ignite 2020, we’ll share how we’re empowering organizations and people to build this resilience with a set of new tools and services, anchored in trust, from across the Microsoft stack.

Missing a session at #MSIgnite, isn’t missing out

Re-watch, share or catch up on the biggest moments from our first ever, all-digital experience.


Microsoft Ignite 2020 guide to SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Stream, Visio and Lists

By Mark Kashman – Microsoft

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2020

By MicrosoftTeamsTeam – Microsoft

Your guide to Microsoft OneDrive @ Ignite 2020

By Ankita Kirti – Microsoft

Your Guide to Microsoft Teams @ Ignite 2020

By MicrosoftTeamsTeam – Microsoft

What’s New in Microsoft Forms | Ignite 2020

By MeeraAjam – Microsoft

Exchange News and Announcements – Microsoft Ignite 2020 Edition

By The_Exchange_Team – Microsoft

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Guide to Microsoft Stream

By Segun Bright – Microsoft

Microsoft Lists announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2020

By Mark Kashman – Microsoft

Microsoft Search at Ignite 2020

By Bill Baer – Microsoft

IoT at Microsoft Ignite 2020

By Olivier Bloch (IOT) – Microsoft

Microsoft 365 Administrator Updates with Jeff Teper

By Jeff Teper – Microsoft

What’s new in Security and Compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive – Ignite 2020 Announcements

By Sesha Mani – Microsoft

Celebrating the top OneDrive moments from Microsoft Ignite 2020

By Ankita Kirti – Microsoft

Microsoft Excel at Ignite 2020

By Cuong – Microsoft

Announcing SharePoint Syntex

By Seth Patton – Microsoft

Announcing Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 updates at Microsoft Ignite


Microsoft Ignite 2020 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Slide Summary

By Susan Hanley

Biggest Microsoft 365 announcements from Ignite 2020

By Matt Wade

My 5 favorite Microsoft Teams Announcements from Ignite 2020

By Michel Bouman

Microsoft Ignite Summary and Blogs

By Daniel Glenn

Microsoft Ignite 2020 highlights

By Jeremy Thake

Microsoft Ignite 2020 Recap

By Rencore – Jussi Roine

Your to-go recap of Ignite 2020

By ShareGate

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