Well now that I’ve done the Office 365 Challenge twice (365 blogs in a year), it’s time to move on to the next exciting thing.

I’ve decide to “take this show on the road”. I need to live a little, get out my office, see the world, meet amazing people and see the sun shine. And ride ‘my bike’. Nothing in the world makes me happier than helping people, especially those who are not in the position to help themselves.

After all, my life and business motto is “Facilitating the evolution of human capabilities.”

So how will this work?

Every couple of months I’m going to travel to a new country, rent a motorcycle, and travel to as many communities as possible, for 15.2 days. During this time I will deliver training as well as workshops and sessions at schools, colleges, universities and less fortunate communities. Purpose would be to create awareness around PC / Digital Literacy, E-Safety and give attendees an overview of Microsoft | Office 365 Apps and Services and how it can transform their lives on a personal and business level. I’ll do video and written blogs to capture and share my journey and experiences.

Feedback would be crucial, and I’ll be using Microsoft Forms & Flow to gather valuable feedback for myself and Microsoft. I will also be inviting other community members & MVP’s to join me on my journey when I’m in their respective areas.

I will start this journey in my own beautiful country, South Africa, early 2020, news & updates will be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Of course it wouldn’t be possible without sponsorship to help support this cause. Sponsorships could be in the form of accommodation, venues & refreshments for the events, data for connectivity and monetary assistance to cover trip expenses. Sponsors will receive exposure through the event & media promotions and high level sponsors will have the opportunity to brand the motorcycle as well as rider kit / luggage. Reach out if you’re interested on getting involved in any way, here’s a link to a Microsoft Form that can be completed.

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