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Around the Office in 365 Days

Day 361 – Communication Tools in Office 365 – Stream

#Office365Challenge - It's the Big 5 Countdown (African Style). My focus for today, and the 4, final days following, will be the communication tools available to us. Today I'll give an overview of Stream and what to expect. Day:  361 of 365, 4... Continue Reading →

Day 360 – It’s the Simple things that matter in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - 5 Days to Go - The magic of SharePoint lies in the ability to take ordinary OTB Apps, and build extraordinary solutions with them. Solutions that help people, improves process, saves time, are easy to use, quick to deploy... Continue Reading →

Day 359 – Expiry dates on Announcement Lists in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - 6 Days to Go - So the Announcement list has an "Expires Column". That solves everything right? Nope. If you add this list to your landing page it will still show all items, regardless of whether they have "expired"... Continue Reading →

Day 358 – Quick Shape Formatting with Preset Theme Styles in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge - 7 Days to Go - You'd think that after 357 days I've said all I could about PowerPoint. Nope. Learnt something new today. PowerPoint now has preset styles you can use to apply formatting on shapes. Soon everyone will... Continue Reading →

Day 357 – Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Office

#Office365Challenge - 8 Days to Go - The ability to take screenshots, is something I would not be able to function without. Whether it be training manuals, quick reference guides, blogs, 'graphic design' stuff (yes I put that in careful quotes).... Continue Reading →

Day 356 – What’s new and Improved in Office 365?

#Office365Challenge - 9 Days to Go - If you're anything like me, you'll also be like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the latest updates in Office 365 (Office 2016). This post will help you stay... Continue Reading →

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