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Day 236 Changing Hyperlink Colours on PowerPoint Slide

#Office365Challenge Want to know how to change the hyperlink colours on your PowerPoint slide. Well scroll down and I'll show you. Day: 236 of 365, 129 left Tools: Office 365 / PowerPoint Description: Changing Hyperlink Colours on PowerPoint Slide PowerPoint has... Continue Reading →

Day 235 Open a SharePoint Online site on an Android device

#Office365Challenge Here's a quick one to make all the Android users happy. SharePoint Mobile App is now available for download. Day: 235 of 365, 130 left Tools: Office 365 / Outlook Description: Open SharePoint Online Site on your Android device Keep... Continue Reading →

Day 221 – Keep documents offline

#Office365Challenge Keep documents offline is a pretty neat feature. Day: 221 of 365, 144 left Tools: SharePoint / Office 365 Description: Keep documents offline At Ignite we heard quite a bit about One Drive and the ability to view all your files... Continue Reading →

Day 72 – Office 365 Admin Mobile App

#Office365Challenge - Office365 Admin Mobile App - always on the move? Then this is for you.  Nothing as frustrating than having stop what you doing after hours. Boot up the notebook, log into your 365 site to reset passwords or... Continue Reading →

Sunny days and Biking…

What a beautiful day!! Sunny, clear skies, looooonnnggg stretches of tar. So no work for me today. Just good friends, with gorgeous bikes and a beautiful country!! Got lost, but because of that met some new friends. Do you guys... Continue Reading →

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