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Day 13 – Transparency on Shapes in PowerPoint

Everyone needs to create a presentation at some point. Using PowerPoint is super easy, and it helps if you know some quick wins. Your content might be on the mark, but if the presentation itself is not visually appealing, it... Continue Reading →

Day 12 – Eyedropper in PowerPoint

Ever tried to match a colour in a PowerPoint presentation, hours later, you're happy it's exactly the same, only to print or present it and it looks completely different? Yesterday I showed you how to insert and manage shapes and... Continue Reading →

Day 11 – RSS Feeds in Outlook

So you're following something in the news? Going to the browser a couple of times a day, checking for any new updates? Guess what - Office has this crazy, amazing thing called RSS Feeds. What does it do you may... Continue Reading →

Day 10 – Inserting Shapes in PowerPoint

As a blogger, one of the most difficult things - is to blog something you think everyone already knows. And that's where we make the mistake. SO many people still have SO much to learn. Today I'll talk about inserting... Continue Reading →

Day 9 – Item limits on lists and libraries in SharePoint

I get super irritated when I navigate to a document library or list in SharePoint and then have to click "Next 30, next 30" until I get to the information I'm looking for. Sadly people end up hating SharePoint for... Continue Reading →

Day 8 – Customizing the Office Ribbon

Tired of looking for that "Freeze Panes" command? Only to find it under the "View" Tab and have to look for it again tomorrow? Sounds familiar right?! Yesterday I spoke about adding items to your Office Quick Access Toolbar, but... Continue Reading →

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