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Day 40 – Changing the Look in SharePoint #Office365Challenge

#Office365Challenge - Changing the colours and general look and feel of your SharePoint site could not have been made any easier. No graphic designer skills necessary and with some small changes - you can have big impacts. Always check with... Continue Reading →

Day 39 – Outlook Email Hyperlinks

#Office365Challenge - Creating hyperlinks in Outlook might be easy – but how many people actually use it? For those of you who know me – you’ll know I have a big thing about “presentation”. Whatever we write or present or... Continue Reading →

Day 38 – Ratings in SharePoint

#Office365Challenge - Rating Settings in SharePoint. "When you enable ratings, two fields are added to the content types available for this list and a rating control is added to the default view of the list or library. You can choose... Continue Reading →

Day 37 – Pin or Unpin the Office Ribbon

#Office365Challenge - Office ribbon - how to pin or unpin (into place). Day: 37 of 365, 328 left Tools: Excel Description: How to Pin/Unpin the Office Ribbon Even thought the Office Ribbon is pretty awesome if you ask me -... Continue Reading →

Day 36 – Data Bars, Colours Scales and Icon Sets in Excel

#Office365Challenge - Excel Conditional Formatting - Data Bars, Colour Scales and Icon Sets. This is the third post dealing with Conditional Formatting in Excel. An extremely underrated, underused functionality. Day: 36 of 365, 329 left Tools: Excel Description: Data Bars,... Continue Reading →

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