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Day 55 – Using Spike to cut and paste in Word

#Office365Challenge - Using Spike to Cut and Paste in Word. "Word has a feature that allows you to collect groups of text and paste them in another location. It is different than the Clipboard, which allows you to work with... Continue Reading →

Day 54 – Inserting a Table of Contents in Word

#Office365Challenge - Inserting a Table of Contents in Word is one of the easiest ways to make your documents look super professional. It's also one of the only things I know how to do in Word. Yup - I'm honest.... Continue Reading →

Day 53 – SharePoint Saving Sites as Templates

#Office365Challenge - Saving Sites as Templates in SharePoint. In SharePoint we have the ability to save a site (including apps and content) as templates. This is a great feature when building team sites for departments / divisions that should have... Continue Reading →

Day 52 – Removing Backgrounds in PowerPoint

#Office365Challenge - Removing Backgrounds in PowerPoint - Sometimes you need to remove backgrounds or sections out of pictures. This used to be a very difficult task - but since Office 2010 - this awesome feature has been available for everyone... Continue Reading →

Day 51 – SmartArt in Microsoft Office

#Office365Challenge - SmartArt was introduced to the Office Suite in 2007. I don't see a lot of people using it, so that must mean that not a lot of people know about it. SmartArt is used to insert "prepopulated" template... Continue Reading →

Day 50 – SharePoint Custom Send To Locations

#Office365Challenge - SharePoint Custom Send To Locations allow users to make a copy of the document in another library. "By using the Send To command, you can copy files from the library in which they were created to another library.... Continue Reading →

Day 49 – PowerPoint Office Mix Slide Recordings

#Office365Challenge - Now that I've shared the basics around Office Mix with you, it's time to look at the overall slide recordings you can do. "Record audio and video of yourself giving your presentation. Write on your slides just like... Continue Reading →

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