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Day 209 – Solution Register in SharePoint Part 2

 #Office365Challenge In the previous post I shared a very simple custom list with you, which can be used as a Solutions Register. Today we'll look at the detail as well as the ROI calculations. Day: 209 of 365, 156 left Tools:  SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Day 207 – Check In and Out of Documents in SharePoint

 #Office365Challenge Checked out files might just be that one thing that infuriates users the most about SharePoint. and it really is because they don't understand what it's all about. Day: 207 of 365, 158 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Check In and Out... Continue Reading →

Day 206 – Use SharePoint to track Stock Levels

#Office365Challenge In today's post I'll show you how to use a Custom List to track and notify you of stock levels. Day: 206 of 365, 159 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Use SharePoint to track stock levels In the below example I have... Continue Reading →

Day 205 – Description on SharePoint Apps

#Office365Challenge Today's post is about the description you add when creating new apps on SharePoint. Day: 205 of 365, 160 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Description on SharePoint Apps This functionality is rarely used, and most probably because users do not understand what... Continue Reading →

Day 204 – Mailto URL for buttons on SharePoint Pages

#Office365Challenge Here's another goodie, and so easy to achieve. Mailto URL's. Day: 204 of 365, 161 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Mailto URL for buttons on SharePoint Pages Mailto URLs are used to create Contact us links (for example) from pages. In this... Continue Reading →

Day 203 – Reroute Submissions on SharePoint Forms

#Office365Challenge Today I'll show you how to manipulate the URL for a form to reroute to another page once submitted. Day: 203 of 365, 162 left Tools:  SharePoint Description: Reroute Submissions on SharePoint Forms Related posts: Around the Office in 365 Days:... Continue Reading →

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